Anna Duskwhisper
Anna upon retrival of her body.


Dark Ranger




Undead (High elf)

Character class:

Dark Ranger


The Forsaken


Scout, Diplomat




Undead (Alive)


None known

Anna is a Dark Ranger working as a scout under banner of the Forsaken. Usually upon long ways or diplomatic missions, she is considered by those who meet her one of the "nicest" Forsaken they have ever met. Having lived in Quel'thalas for most of her life, her connection to the place never vanishes nor do her emotions for it, possibly making her seem weak in eyes of the other undead.

At the present day she is scouting throughout Eastern Kingdom and occassionally Northrend where she can be found in various bushes, trees, or simply standing in the middle of city on a diplomatic work. Aspiring to get her ranks through in the military she is still one of the ranger ranks.


"I still remember being alive, being able to breathe, I was one of the rangers of Icecrown when he attacked..."

"I remember everyone starting to run and flee, but few of us..brave ones stayed, he brought me back as a monstrosity as a banshee, I have gotten my body back and now...I am free..."

"Yes, I am Anna DUSKwhisper, dark ranger in service of Sylvanas Windrunner and the Forsaken, I have trained long time, I have grown powerful even in death, I got my army even in death..."

"I have been killed, enslaved, tortured, betrayed and now it's even the scales" - Dark Ranger Anna Duskwhisper

Being an elven ranger back in her days, Anna is no stranger to bow, war and death. Her past is filled with joy, at least if it's compared to the "life" she has now. Over a 100 years in the past, Anna was a usual elven teenager, dreaming about being a great persona and looking up to the other highly ranked elves, setting her goals in the world. If her mother taught her one thing, it's that no matter which way she picked there will always be something wishing to stop her, no way would be easy and she will have to fight for herself - anyway she knew. Being a temptress herself, Anna was quick to learn arts of seduction and didn't mind using the art to her final cause.

Men fell to her games, but never got to the final point, mainly because she was always one step ahead, just as they would, they would be stopped and Anna would be more than ready to tell about relations between trainer and student to the higher ranks- unless she became one of the higher ranks. Using sensuality to climb the ranking letter herself, she didn't fall back on her skills either, even as little girl she trained with bow. One of the most important things she believed in was that, if you shall use the arrow, you must know it's purpose and arrow's purpose is only one - to kill. Her targets hardly stood much of a chance, usually the forest trolls making trouble to the elven kingdoms.

By the time of Scourge's invasion, Anna managed to get to the elite ranks - even through the way she got to her rank may not have been fair, her skills with bow fairly justified her position, being under Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner, Anna had a scout group of her own that was bringing main information to Lady Windrunner, striking from the shadows, unseen, she was seen as great threat for the Scourge, although their numbers allowed them to march further without a care in the world, as her allies fell before her eyes, Anna managed to be one of last survivors buckled back against the corner. Her escape was successful, but she knew she could just run - shadows wouldn't hide her from the shadow this time, and she knew it was time to get by the shadow that assisted her in the past, hence she was at the glade of Eversong, her bow down, awaiting her fate as one of Scourge's banshees.

As a banshee her screams could be heard all over the battlefield, destroying her own city, white shine in her eyes as her spells were cast - yet choice wasn't her's, the Lich King took control. After the war she continued to serve in clearing Lordearon from remaining humans and then suddenly, it stopped. The world around her stopped moving, she went down into the infinite darkness, her eyes seeing right through it, all the torture and pain or her and her sisters, the feeling was reborn, filling her quietly with vengeance as she raised her head. She had her body back, bow firmly within her hands, and no voice invading her head, she was free, on her own, standing with Lady Windrunner and rest of Dark Rangers in training - her new life begun as one of the Forsaken!


Anna doesn't appear to look what most of the Dark Rangers would. Her eyes are not red and filled with blood but ghostly, silvery and white, much like eyes of a banshee she once used to be. Her skin matching her eyes in ghostly white color, only thing standing out are her lips which are black, with high hint of red color in them.

Her armor depends on situations, but usually it is a mix of dark red, purple and black color, along with few shades of grey and green emeralds. Her hair white, lost of it's color and rotting, depending on occassion with or without the black hood on. Her boots usually have a higher heel, feeling able to do spinning agile moves better using them.

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