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Astrona Nightfel in a cave.


Astrona Nightfel is a servant, and cultist of a secret Burning Legion cult named Imitatores Estuans Legio. He operates as a servant, and a Warlock that needs to abduct and recruit strangers to the cult. Astrona has no memory of who he his nor any information on the world around him. All he remembers is his warlock skills. Astrona is fully dedicated to his Mistress, and he is willing to kill anything standing in his path.

Prequel - The NightfelsEdit

2.000 years before the birth of Astrona Nightfel, the proud Quel'dorei family Nightstar was at their riches tip. The family had grown in strength and numbers. The main root of the Nightstars was Sis'nel Nightfel, who lived peacefully in the easten parts of Elwynn Forest. Sis'nel was well known in the lands of Elwynn. Upon one walk in the dark forests of Elwynn, he sensed a dark artifact in his reach. It was a book, infused with green light. After a proper searching of it, Sis'nel took the book for his own good and started to read it. As days passed, dark whispers started to talk to him. He eventually drove mad, and started to grow dark in personality. Sis'nel started to experiment with fel, and tried desperately to banish the whispers from his head with dark magic. At long last, Sis'nel was no longer to be known anymore. He had turned from Quel'dorei to Sin'dorei. The darkness of the book had taken over him. Sis'nel changed his name into Sis'nel Nightfel, destroying what the family had worked for to keep up. The main core of the Nightstar had fallen to fel magic from that moment. It didn't take too long, before Sis'nel was skilled enough to summon various demons. Sis'nel had also met a Warlock Sin'dorei, just as himself. Her name was Leila Darkbreath. They eventually got a child named Atrona Nightfel. This was the start of the Nightfel family, and the end of the proud Nightstars.

The Early YearsEdit

In Astronas early years, he were far behind his other brothers and sisters, when it came to dark magic. The dark powers of his, was far from good developed. The most of his family saw him as a waste, and Astrona was daily being called upon as "The Scum". It was not until his teenage years, that Astrona started to really shine. His dark powers began to grow wild, and he grew powers that was far beyond his brothers and sisters. Suddenly, Astrona was the favorite of the family, and his father loved him. He daily trained him with dark magic, trying to raise him to a pshycophatic killer. The hatred to his family was still burning inside him, so at the point when Astrona thought he was strong enough, he took his sword at night, and killed his father, and his mother. The next day, he was gone. Astrona had set his destination for the lands of the banished, seeking out other people who had felt the same way he did.