"War does not determine who is right- only who is left."

~Caroline Ripley Emmett-Fluery


Ripley has a very calm but assertive disposition. She emits a friendly aura, filled with compassion and trust. On a normal basis, it's hard to anger the young lass having delt with uncanny ammounts of disrespectful and inconciderate people in her life- most whilst serving within the military during the war. Having delt with that, she, most then less, tends to be very open and giving, having a rough past she knows what it's like to loose the people close to her and for that she loves to give as much as she can to those in need. Being a shoulder to cry on, a secret keeper, and even just a shopping buddy, Ripley is constantly there for others, an out-going friend to those whom she's close with. Her eyes sometimes hold sadness, her closest friends would be able to notice the look every once and a while. Within the deep sorrow lies a secret, only few know about.





Caroline Ripley Emmett-Fluery




IconSmall Human Female Female




IconSmall Priest Priestess


Regina Emmett-Fluery (Deceased Mother)

Gregory Emmett-Fluery (Deceased Father)

Nicholas Emmett-Fluery(Alive Brother)


Common, Thalassian, Darnassian


IconSmall Stormwind Alliance,IconSmall Cathedral Cathedral of the Holy Light

Caroline Ripley Emmett-Fluery grew up in the Cathedral Square section of Stormwind City. She was raised with both her parents being Paladins that worked for the Church, and a brother who was always rebelling against it. Ripley admired her brother, Nicholas, even though she knew what kind of a person he was and what things he did. She always saw the best in him even though most others couldn't, including himself. Since her parents were Paladins they were constantly in the Cathedral praying, raising money for the orphanages, or fighting in the wars, and Ripley was forced to raise herself. Her brother would always be away with his friends vandalizing Stormwind, not really paying attention to his younger sister. Because she grew up during the war, she hardly saw her parents, but it did not matter as she was still a child. When the war ended her parents came back to Stormwind, continuing to work for the Cathedral. As she aged to become a young child, Ripley found a love for nature, spending most of her time reading in the Park and watching the young Night Elven children play. The more time she spent there the more time she grew to love the idea of Darnassus, the Capital City of the Kal'Dorei. One day while reading she was approached by a young Night Elf named Maelandel, he looked to be near Ripley's age, but was much wiser, yet he was still not a young adult and he did what Ripley did not think possible, he offered to teach her Darnassian if she taught him to read and write in Common. She accepted and they spent time together teaching each other what they knew, most of the time bringging books to help each other. For hours he would talk about how beautiful the city was, what the people were like, life there, and even about the animals, he described it was a great paradise. Even though Ripley was young, she knew that she wanted to go and see the wonderful Darnassus Maelandel always spoke of.

The Third WarEdit

As Ripley grew older, she grew closer to the Light. Maelandel dissapeared, and her family decided to move to Stromgarde. On the journey there, her parent's wagon was ambushed by a group of Undead Scourge, who tipped the wagon over, trapping Ripley and her brother inside. During this time the group of Scourge attacked their parents, beating them to pulps. Luckily a group of Milita on patrol saw them and destroyed the Undeads, but left Ripley and Nicholas scarred for life, having been forced to watch their parents murder. During their time at Stromgarde, Ripley and her brother lived a long and hard life. Her brother worked for the Militia, getting paid very little, and she worked at the town square, running errands for those who were busy and found no time to do it. By the time the Third War broke out, Ripley and her brother were starving, in worn out clothes, and their very small house was caving in, yet they never complained. Nicholas joined the army as soon as he got permission from the Militia and during one of the raids at Stromgarde, Nicholas was called to help fight the Scourge, leaving Ripley alone. During the attack, this time being attacked by Syndicate and the Boulderfist Ogres. During the attack one of Ripley's close friends, Annabella, snuck into her house and helped Ripley escape from the city. Annabella's family and Ripley traveled back to Stormwind, seeking refuge at the Cathedral of Light.

The Burning Crusade & NorthrendEdit

After many years within the Cathedral, Ripley was still in her young years and skilled in the divine art of using the Holy Light. Going on a pilgrimage to help other become closer with the universe, Ripley set out to help those fighting the wars. She never truely got to know anything that was going on within the wars, spending most of her time nursing the sick back to health and healing those with wounds. Hardly speaking to others, she simply followed orders and did what she was told. Many knew her as the Silent Priestess, who only did what she was needed to do. She never recieved any glory for what she did, not metals, or thank you notes either, but she was fine with it. Perfectly content with only helping those who needed it and getting nothing in return.

The NightmareEdit

Ripley knew Viola, knew her name and her history- yet the girl had no recollection of her. This mystery sparked the growing friendship between the two.

The day was not like most others, Viola was missing. Ripley took it upon herself to find out where the girl went. Stepping out of her house, she was greeted by the loud whispers and howls of the wind, blowing eerily through Stormwind. Calling out Viola's name, Ripley was unaware of an evil presence.

As she walked through the muddy roads, she began to notice small patched of dark black hair swirling within the muddy water- the same colour as Viola's. Quickening her pace, Ripley continued to call out Viola's name, truly afraid as tendrils of dark black fog surrounded her.

When Ripley's pace accelerates, dark shadows would illuminate the nearby walls of the houses. Feelings of dread and judgement filled the young Priestess, who kept her head bowed. With her gaze downcast, the girl would notice more strands of the hair crushed into the ground.

Crossing a small bridge, Ripley hears cackles from below that sound haunting, croaky- reptilian. Making her way past, a feeling of emtpyness filled Ripley as the guards around her remain motionless. Once more, she has caught up to the dark fog.

Nearing the Cathedral district, Ripley's emotions would not be her own- regret would face her. She missed someone dear to her; lost and never to be found. Trying to clear her head, she continues walking as faint pitter-patter is heard. The smell of blood faint.

Walking along the road towards the canal, large patches of hair would be floating aimlessly. Discarded pieces of the puzzle. Ripley makes her way towards the wall before she finds herself swimming in the water, trying to find the source of the pollution.

Suddenly, the water would drop in temperature reaching a cold degree. Behind her, a vicious mound of red and blue would approach her, the clash of colours painful to look at with the naked eye. Yet, Ripley would look.

Ripley was able to make out shapes of weapons embedded within the monster, banners sticking out along the mass which was shaped like a wave roaring towards her, to devour her. Corpses of many races would appear, fused along the surface of the wave.

Gathering her wits, Ripley would swim. Trying her hardest to avoid the creature, attempting to live to another day. Desperate to save her life. Diving below the surface, Ripley is greeted by a past friend. Three figures sink at the bottom of the canal, rotting.

Suddenly, there was a disturbance of the water. A splash behind her. Following it; a series of screams. And then it was approaching her, quicker than the tides themself. Ripley tried to no avail to get away, but her dress caused her great problems. The creature would pass Ripley. Breaking to the surface, Ripley would feel different, heavier than normal, thicker. Swimming now took effort, yet it would not fatigue her in the slightest. Looking out, she notices figures swimming in front of her.

Cries of agony fill her ears, and turning around Ripley would spot her long deceased mother, her dead father, and her brother. She would have mere seconds to look at them, not enough time for an outburst cry. The only hope for survival would be the dam ahead, glowing white.

Groaning, Ripley struggles to reach the white dam. Yet somehow, she manages to get there. Looking out across the canal, the water would return to its normal state. The dam returning to its normal beige colour, yet black hairs grace the dam, covering select areas.

Climbing off, Ripley makes her way to another bridge, where three guards would stand. "Going somewhere?" The female would ask, her voice chilling to the bone. Ripley chokes out her reply, "I-I suppose I am." She would get out, her hoarse voice barely steady.

The three chuckle in unison. "Are you a murderer?" One would ask. "The smell of blood is strong here." Said the other. On and on, they interrogated the young Priestess, as she retreated to the center of the bridge, arms crossed over her stomach in feebel protection. The female would pull Ripley's arms back, ready to arrest her. Ripley would not be able to fight it, succumbing to the arrest.

A faint chuckle is heard, ominous in nature, it would surround Ripley as she obeyed the guard. Metal bootsteps are heard behind her, the feeling to dread filling her. The immense smell of blood surrounds the guards, as they all appear distracted. Blood, Smoke, and Black Hair all point to the Old Barracks behind the female guard, where Ripley could hear crying, the clash of swords. From the Cathedral, a feeling of Strength and Securty would call towards Ripley. But towards the right, the feel of emptiness.

Ripley would find herself unable to speak, becoming fatigued and physically drained. She feels herself drift away, unable to resist. Her surroundings become darker, and she could hear the sound of boots as the escort her to the prison. As she walked, Ripley would begin to feel herself melt to the floor, at the remained around her would be the feeling of emptiness and void. Darkness surrounds her, eyes forced shut.

Opening her eyes, Ripley appears in front of the bridge, the guards in their previous position. "You are under arrest for the murder of Viola Havencloud and Anabell..." They would trail off, Ripley no longer listening. "No!" She screams, resisting their accusations. Blood stains the chainmail of the guards, as they all reach out to arrest the girl.

Dodging their attacks, Ripley sprints towards the destroyed area of the Park. Sliding down the dirt and ash, she was graced with a horrifying sight. Inside of a crumbled building was Viola and Anabell, both tied to a small pole in the center of the ruins. Beside the two, a human and orc would be locked in a never ending battle.

Suddenly, Ripley would find herself pressed against a cold surface. Soft to touch, plush and light. A pillow. She would be wrapped in her blanket, cocooned against the warmth.

It was all a Nightmare.

The Night BrigadeEdit

Ripley was very adjusted to Viola constantly bringing new acquaintances over to her house. Yet, she was not prepared when Fargus showed up. The tiny, red bearded dwarf was a rather rambunctious man who said he wanted to help out with the problems in Darkshire. Rather interested, Ripley listened to his plans on what he wanted to do to help, he had plans with his friend Tarvon. It was later that day that the two decided to depart for Duskwood, followed by a dwarf priest who wanted to travel there- yet he didn't wish to go alone. The trio set off, and halfway through the day they made it to Darkshire. Ripley was introduced to the co-founder, and it wasn't until a week later when 'The Night Brigade' was actually formed did she join to become a priestess almong the ranks.

A New HopeEdit

Soon after joining the Brigade, they were sent off on their first task. Two groups of people were arguing over whether or not a man was possessed. Ripley and a Paladin named Shane were the first to step forward to help, and being Light users they were able to detect if the man was possessed, yet he was fine. Stepping back, Ripley let Shane take care of the man, Apprentic Fess, while she went to speak to the opposing leader, Dodd. Once she stepped up to speak to him, she could tell something was off. There was a foul presence surrounding him, shadow magic. Ripley screamed for help, and two men of the Night Brigade went towards her when suddenly the man shifted into a large skeleton. Ripley was knocked back, and hit with a bolt of shadow magic while they went on fighting. She was able to channel enough Light into her palms to smack the skeleton with a Smite before she collapsed in pain. Being swiftly healed by a Paladin, she was able to make it back to Darkshire alive.

The Rotting Orchard Edit


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