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The Guild Tabard of the Council of Oblivion.

The Council of Oblivion (also known as The Cult of Shadows, The Shadow Council, Council of the Shadow) is a cult that performs necromancy and unholy magic. Their primary goal is to rise in numbers, and make an army of undead warriors to fight their way to the top. Unlike the Ebon Hold, The Council of Oblivion combines both Unholy, Fel and Shadow for a wide array of tasks. This makes them able to operate with both demons, as well as undeads. The Council of Oblivion is ruled by a dreadlord, followed by a Shadowmage and a Death Knight/Necromancer. Even though they might be different, the combination gives them a wide array of skills on the battlefield. Together they seek to control what they can control, and slay what can be slain. Every member from the Council of Oblivion wears a tabard, signalising that
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The Guild Tabard yet again.

they are a part of the cult. This tabard is not seen in public eye, and is only worn in bases, and safe places. The tabard itself is with a white rune, standing for Shadow. The outer lines of the tabard is skulls, that is black (symbolizing the dark shadows) and the background is dark blue.


The Council of Oblivion was made in the Goldshire Inn. Naz'rahm, one of the present leaders, had been called for a job to do. The Shadowmage Bryce, had long been in the search of giving his dreadlord a human body, which could make it possible for the dreadlord to return to public eye-view without being seen as the monster he was. Bryce and Naz'rahm met in the Goldshire Inn, to talk about the plans. They decided to dig a corpse up that should be the presence of the Dreadlord, and hereby the Council of Oblivion was born. This Council was to raise an army by the help of Bryce's Dreadlord, and make the return of the Scourge as well as the Burning Legion.

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