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Edmure Yronwood
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Full name:

Edmure Yronwood








Mercenary, Swordsman


Stormwind City


House Yronwood


Lawfully Good




Daveth Yronwood (Father, Alive) Unknown (Mother, Deceased) Lewyn Yronwood (Half-Brother, Alive) Alayne Yronwood (Half-Sister, Alive) Brynden Yronwood (Half-Brother, Alive)

Edmure Yronwood is a Human Warrior, better known as Wolfbait or The Yronwood Bastard.

Birth and Early LifeEdit

Edmure was born as the illegitimate son of Lord Daveth Yronwood and an unknown woman, during the peace time between the Second and Third War. His path to becoming who he currently is, began at his birth, when his father took him with him when he returned home. His father, a Lord of a small castle, was obviously shamed by his bastard son, but raised him as he would raise his true son. Edmure's half-brother, Lewyn, was born in the same year as Edmure himself. They were unseperable from the day they met eachother.

Though, Edmure's life brought some problems in the family. Lady Jeyne Yronwood, Daveth's wife, despised Edmure. His early years were spent like any other child, slowly learning to speak, walk and shit properly. When he turned five, Lewyn and Edmure were considered old enough to begin training at arms. They were mentored by Ser Logan of Hearthglen, an annointed Knight and close friend to their father. Hard days were spent in the courtyard, going to sleep with bruises and waking up with sore arms and legs. Day by day, the knowledge of Edmure and Lewyn grew, as they began to learn to read and write. Eventually, at the age of 7, they began to learn the history of the Alliance, and it's lands.

Teenage YearsEdit

Edmure and Lewyn spent every training together, behaving like true brothers. Times passed quickly, and both were showing skill in their own weapons; Edmure with the Two-Handed Swords and Bow; Lewyn with the One-handed Swords and Shields. Under the guidance of Ser Logan, the boys began to grow tougher and harder. Edmure's younger half-sister, Alayne, was born when he and Lewyn were four. His youngest half-brother, Brynden, was born when he and Lewyn were six. However, as the two boys grew older, they began visiting their father more, maintaining a close relationship with him. They were told of old war stories from when their Lord Father was still a Knight. Both the young boys dreamed of achieving great things.

When both boys were eight, the Third War broke out. The Yronwood family took no part in it, nor did Ser Logan. They remained at their castle, hidden in the hills of the Arathi Highlands. The war did not affect them much, they had enough food in the storages to survive for a couple of years. The boys did their daily duties, trained, studied and had dinner in the Great Hall. At the age of ten, the wars had passed, and the boys were ready to receive their own weapons. Edmure requested a bastard sword (A sword you can use one or two handed.), Lewyn requested a well-balanced one-handed sword and a shield, emblazoned with the arms of House Yronwood. Although, they were too young to wield them yet, they knew that their weapons were waiting for them.

During a hunt with their Lord Father, Edmure tracked down multiple boars and wolves. He was injured by one of the wolves he managed to track, which jokingly led to Lewyn giving him the title Wolfbait. When they returned to the castle, Edmure had his wounds tended to by the healer. The people of the castle did not believe in the Holy Light and it's teachings. Instead, they worshipped their own gods. At the age of twelve, Lewyn was on his way to become a Knight, and eventually, Lord of the castle, should their Lord Father pass away. Edmure, however, being bastard-born, would receive nothing, unless every single trueborn child of Lord Daveth die. But not all hope was lost for the Yronwood Bastard. If he would work hard enough, he'd become a proper Knight too.

Edmure developed another bond with his younger half-brother Brynden, teaching him how to shoot the bow properly. Often, Lord Daveth and Lady Jeyne would look down upon the three of them training. Lewyn and Edmure still practiced daily, sometimes under the guidance of Ser Logan, but other days, they'd do it themselves. Brynden was six when the boys were twelve, yet he wanted to be of their age. During one particular dinner, their Lord Father asked after their ambitions. Lewyn wanted to retain the honor of the House, Edmure wanted to become a Knight of great renown and honor. Alayne wanted to become a Lady someday, and Brynden wanted to become a Marshal in the Alliance's army. Brynden's dreams changed a lot, and every evening, he'd run to Lewyn and Edmure, talking about this or that profession.

At the age of fourteen, Edmure and Lewyn were old enough to don their custom armor. Both boys picked a leather chestpiece, with chainmail underneath, an iron gorget, leather boots and custom plate gauntlets. For the cloak, he donned a black bear's pelt, he had hunted with his half-brothers. Even though they were not true brothers, they were still bound by blood, and looked nearly identical in their armors. Edmure was easier to distinguish, he had inherited his father's cold grey eyes and brown/black hair. Lewyn had inherited Lady Jeyne's green eyes and auburn hair.

Later YearsEdit

Edmure and Lewyn, who had been through countless adventures and hunting trips, were finally experienced enough to be sent out on minor tasks. Collecting wood, sharpening blades, helping the healer with the herb gathering and more training with the aging Ser Logan. Both donning their armors and swords when heading out for hunting. One day, their Lord Father introduced them to the son of another Lord (A minor lord), by the name of Rickard Dayne. The three boys quickly bonded with Rickard, and within a few weeks, they knew all they could of eachother. Rickard was sent to the Yronwood Castle for protection, as his father, Marwyn Dayne, lord over a small village, was under threat by a small tribe of Trolls.

After pondering for weeks, Lord Daveth Yronwood called Edmure and Lewyn, both aged fifteen, to his private solar. On the table were maps of the area of House Dayne. There were small wooden figures on the map, showing the Troll positions. The half-brothers spent four hours, discussing tactics with their Lord Father, before reaching an agreement. They were to ride out to Lord Dayne's lands and engage the Trolls in combat, with a group of twenty men-at-arms, five knights and twelve archers. At the gates of Castle Yronwood, the half-brothers met with Rickard Dayne again. He was to join them in battle against the Trolls. A fortnite later, the trio returned, along with eighteen men-at-arms, four knights and nine archers. They had lost six men against overwhelming odds, but still won the battle.

Following the battle on the lands of House Dayne, Lord Marwyn Dayne decided to send Rickard to Castle Yronwood permanently, so they could further teach him in the arts of war. Even though Rickard was against this at first, claiming that his place was at his father's side, he agreed to the terms eventually. The castlefolk quickly accepted the newcomer to the castle, and Lord Daveth sent him with Edmure and Lewyn each morning to training. Rickard's choice of weapons was the Warhammer. During one training session, the half-brothers saw Rickard's profficiency with the hammer. They set up a set of plate, filled with mellons, to simulate the human body. With one great sweep, the makeshift target was tumbled over, and the breastplate caved in from the enormous power of the great Warhammer.


Edmure, still living in Castle Yronwood, spends his days training, reading and working. Sometimes, he rides out to Refuge Point, to get some new iron for the blacksmith, or buy grain. Rickard occassionaly travelled back to his father's lands, often returning with books. One evening, Lewyn knocked on Edmure's door. Edmure, who was already sleeping at that time, opened the door, yawning. Lewyn held two sheaths in his hands, one held a bastard sword with a piece of carved white stone on the pommel, the other held a long knife. He had asked the castle's smith to make special weapons for Edmure. Immediately awake, he allowed Lewyn in, where he put the weapons on the table. He removed the bastard sword from it's sheath, and swung it once. The blade felt light, yet deadly, but there was also a certain weight to it. The stone pommel was carved in the shape of a bear's head, the sigil of House Yronwood. The sword was named Heartsbane. The long knife was a weapon for stabbing someone while they were close.

The following morning, Lewyn and Rickard appeared in the training yard with their own, custom weapons. Rickard had a new warhammer, while Lewyn had a new sword and shield made. They decided to test the new weapons while out hunting. The trio encountered a group of trolls. What happened was a massacre. The deadly, fresh made weapons sliced through the flesh like it was cake. The warhammer's victims were easy to recognize, their chests completely bloody, or their faces smashed to dust. After the battle was done, they walked away with a good amount of injuries and bloodied weapons.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

If one would look up from their books, drinks or other 'important' things, before them would stand a lean seventeen year old lad. His short brown/black hair grows in a slightly curly way. He has his father's grey eyes and an average sized nose. His face is cleanly shaven, except for the black, thick stubble of a starting mustache on his upper lip. He is normally sized for his age, standing at 194 centimeters and weighing just a little over 79 kilos.

He is usually seen wearing average-worth black clothes, with a long black surcoat over it and a black bear's pelt serving as a cloak, following his trail. His sword belt hangs, logically, from his waist. On his right hip hangs his bastard sword, Heartsbane, adorned with the stone bear's head on the pommel. On his left hip hangs the long knife, given to him by his half-brother Lewyn along with Heartsbane.

If he needs to enter battle, he will don his leather armor with chainmail underneath it, along with an iron gorget adorned with House Yronwood's bear sigil, to protect his throat. His shoulders are covered by small, flat iron shoulderplates. This combination gives him the freedom of moving fast, and still be protected. He has had thirteen years of swordsmans training, as well as being proficient with a bow.

Edmure, being a bastard-born child, is understandably shy, even for his age. Even though he relies and trusts his friends and family, it will be hard for him to walk up to someone and start a conversation. He mostly keeps to himself, hoping to stay out of trouble and be unnoticed. He rarely drinks, only the occassional cup of wine.