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Scarlet knight (paladin-retribution),mounted warrior


Wrath-Logo-SmallScarlet Crusade,formerly Kingdom of Lorderon,Knights of the silver hand,Scarlet Onslaught, House of Nobles


Wrath-Logo-SmallKnight of the Scarlet cursade


Balian Purehearth (younger brother/arch-nemesis),Virgill(father), unnamed mother (deceased),Samela Marval (lover)


Brother Liszt,General Alejandro,Sally Whitemane,Knight Arthur, Morgorath Wolfwind,Crusader Malashenko


Timothy Orion,Dagny (formerly)


Invictus (paladin charger),Hawk (gryphon mount)



¨The light Its the true path of humanity to follow,other things apart from It are heresy!! the light gives true and pure power and that Its why we will be victorius aganist all the enemies of humanity !!..For we shall win no matter the cost !!!...¨

-Harhtal Lightrage-

Harthal Lightrage from Lorderon Its a devoted and faithful paladin of 24 years old currently serving the Scarlet Crusade with extreme loyalty and fervor to the organization and Its leader, but unlike many other paladins he appears to favor violent and brutal tendencies in battle, combined with his headstrong behavior and his radical believes of human supremacy and the light, he can be problematic for other races who are near to him. He has come to Icecrown to seek vengeance and retribution for all he has lost in his life including the conversion of both his father and younger brother into death knights of the Scourge .Now full of rage on his heart; he will not rest until he is powerful enough to vanquish all trace of evil in Icecrown.


He has short blond hair with red eyes color and sharped theeths,he wears heavy plate

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Harthal's face on anime picture

armor made of iron and dyed in red,he wears a large red cape and a red

headband on his forehead he wears his helmet only in combat,he wears always his scarlet tabard with pride and distinction.



Young Harthal,showing his headstrong behaviour

Harthal was born in Vandemar village in Lorderon as the son of the village’s Duke Vergil Stampert who was a retired Marshall of the Alliance who fought on the second war. He had a good childhood and looked at his father with pride as he was always listening to his father’s tales and teachings. Inspired by the tales of Uther the Lighbringer, he decided to become a paladin and fight for a world of peace, just after he was sent to Stratholme to begin his training, his mother died after giving birth to his younger brother Balian, because of this we would promes himself to lookout for him.

Years later, during the undead outbreak , Harthal heard about the plagued grains that were distributed among the villages and left Stratholme to warn his father and save his home, he just left the city 2 days before Arthas decided to purge It, His way back home was very dangerous as was starting to find many undead and cultist along the way,he would spend various months before reaching his home.

Undead OutbreakEdit

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Harthal as a young paladin on the plaguelands

When he finally arrived at Vandemar, the village was already being raided by the now villainous prince Arthas and his hordes of undead. He saw many zombies and other undead killing the people as the same people started to resurrect as undead, he fought his way to his father's mansion only to find It covered with blood with
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Harthal being recruited

his father and younger brother missing. after leaving his now destroyed home he started to get a great hate for the undead nad Arthas as he started to lose his faith in the light because of Arthas transformation ,he wandered around the plaguelands by himself for weeks trying to survive by himself as he was searching for his family, he soon heard that the town of Tyr's hand's garrison was able to hold back the undead and prepared to form a resistance movement against the undead, hungry for vengeance he didn't think It twice to go there and join them.

Tyr's hand and MograineEdit

When he arrived ,he saw the villague painted in red color with propaganda about a new movement called the scarlet crusade

File:180px-Felian The Crusader.jpg

with the sole objective to free the plaguelands from the scourge in the name of the light, after he joined the order and soon became a scarlet captain, he was one of the many paladins to serve under Hightlord Mogranie himself ,he started to admire the paladin as well as his merciless and brutal behavior for the undead, he will adopt most if not all of his believes and attitude believing that purification was the right way to bring down all the evil of Azertoh, he was very fanatic and loyal to the Ashbringer and the crusade as he started to see him like a role model and was heartbroken when he knew about his demise.Under the fanatic and brutal traning of the crusade,he completed his paladin traning without losing his conection to the light like other scarlet paladins because of his strong bealive that his actions very for the good of humanity,He started to read a holy red book that was lokec away on the library,he started to study It and learn Its secrets about the light and how to used It aganist evil in order to build up his own sthrength.He soon discovered the secrets to become a stronger curader of light by using a phorbiden way .

Secret blessing awakenedEdit

A few days later ,he was send with some men to purge an abamdoned farm from the scourge,as they started

Harthal figthing with his fellow crusaders.

to lose gorund,Harthal was losing aganist an abomination when he used that phorbiden secret to turn the tides of the battle,in a desperate manner he took out the book as he took covered near a small house as he started to read the final page of the book ,consumed by rage and hatred for the enemy, his heavy blade started to be surrounded wiht a glowing aura of gold light like flames of holy light,he emerged from the house and found out that he was stronger as well that all of his paladin abilites were enhanced and with gold flames of light ,comsumed by rage and desire for battle and win at all costs he easely started to overpower the abomination as the creatures started to be consumed by the gold light in pain,he casted multiple exorcism and consacrations to weaken the creature but after being using his new blessing for just 5 minutes the state dissapeared and reverted back to normal as well as all of his mana as he collapsed on the ground completly exausted just as he was about to give It the hit of grace because of not beeing an epic paladin with enought experiance to fully master that kind of power ,his body was not able to resist,he was quickly carried away back to Tyr's hand by his fellow crusaders.

Serving under the Hight GeneralEdit

High General Brigitte Abbendis by hairywookiee

Brigitte Abbendis on her throne in Tyr's Hand.

The next day, Harthal awoke in a bed inside the infirmary of Tyr's hand, a young priestess with a beautiful blond hair was at his side on a chair, Harthal saw her and It was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She greeted him with kindness telling him that he would be find in some weeks and that his effort created a victory for the crusade ,she told him that the High General had ordered to see him as soon as he is full recovered. At first he was enthusiasm thinking that he might be promoted but soon he realized that she might ask him how he did what he did and that she will find out about the book. He took the decision t copy the book with a mirror and burn the original so that It can look like an ordinary book to the eyes of the others. After a month in the infirmary ,he recovered his strength completely and he reported to the high general herself, she greeted him as a hero of the crusade and to his surprise, she didn’t made any questions about how he did the blessing on the battle, she concluded by telling him that she would transfer him to the town of Harvershire in the Scarlet Enclave.2 days later while Harthal was training with his unit before going to the enclave, a currier arrived caring a letter to him ,he started to read It and he was shocked to see that the writer was in fact is missing brother Balian,he said that their father sacrificed himself to let him escape from Vandemar village
Eredritch Breathforged by Palidoozy

Youg Harthal as Anbeddis's Captain

r and that he had also joined the crusade in New Hearhtglem and that he thought him dead until he heard about his heroic exploit a few days ago. After reading such letter, Harthal dropped tears for a moment now knowing that his brother was save and fighting for the same cause, he quickly answered his letter telling him about his life and that he would use his rank as captain to arrange his transfer to his unit so they can be together, he also sent a copy of the book to him so he can get stronger too. Harthal was too happy and his pride and morale rose to the skies ,thinking that he would be invincible with his brother at his side, his dream soon turned into delusion when he received his brother’s answer telling him that he deserted after killing his brothers who ordered him to kill an innocent farmer accused of heresy, he told him of their corruption and urged him to escape but Harthal simply burned the letter in rage thinking that his brother has become corrupted and that he was a traitor to the light, Harthal has embraced the zeal of the crusade with so much fervor that he was not able to see their corruption. He would never forgive him for this apparent betrayal to the crusade and to himself,over the passing days,He continued to fight the undead while training at the same time on the enclave as one of the High general’s captains. He became more cold and aggressive feeling rage for his brother's betrayal but he still cared for him because of his promise to his father, he was one of the few chosen to be part of "The Scarlet Dawn" ,Annbedis's special cadre .He took part in the defense of the enclave when Acherus arrived with Its army, he wanted to stay and fight to the end with the other crusaders that were not chosen with so much fervor that his men knocked him out in order to force him to get inside the ship and escape just moments before the undead overran the port, he would felt guilty to be alive while many others were left behind to die.

Scarlet Crusade No MoreEdit


Harthal awaiting execution

He arrived with the rest of the crusaders and he felt very depressed and disillusioned when Anbeddis proclaimed that they were now the Scarlet Onslaught. Harthal was ordered to train some crusaders while the base was under construction; he was very septic about the mysterious arrival of the admiral. Over the passing of the days, Harthal became worried about the future of the crusade after seeing the mass conversion of the priests into raven priests. He soon confronted Lagrend about the situation but he ordered Harthal's own men to arrest him for charges of heresy and and treason, he was chained inside of a cell beneath the barracks awaiting torture and execution, during that time in jail he realized that his brother's warning was in fact true .However,things changed when suddenly New Hearthghlem was been invaded by none other than High inquisitor Anbeddis and her own crusade. Harthal was released by Withemane's forces once they have conquered the entire compound for themselves and he was greeted by her holiness with kindness, after that moment he swore that he would fight for her new crusade. Eager to prove himself to his new leader ,Harthal continued to train hard day and night on New Hearthglem ,we was soon asked by her holiness seeing leadership skills in him, she tasked him to recruit more crusaders for their cause which he did with a lot of effort and dedication, During that time he missed his former rank and he desired to have a leading position in the future and become the top paladin of General Alejandro himself ,he also be friended the new recruits Malorian,Samela,Drago ,Liszt and Thymoty Orion which the last 2 would become his spiritual mentor and student respectively. After Withemane established a base camp in Icecrown ,Harthal was more than ready to go there.

Icecrown CampaingEdit

File:Icecrown citadel.jpg
They day came when brother Liszt lead the crusaders on their way to their new base in the cliffs of Icecrown near the Iron wall dam, He soon realized the political situation of the crusade with the rest of the factions in the region, despite his believes that humans are the supreme race, he decided to tolerate the other factions and their members on behalf of General Alejandro knowing all the effort that he had put to improve their relations. During the war ,Harthal would use all his inner force to tolerate the ones that he considered 'Infidels¨ to the point that he even contained himself of killing Cody for insulting Whitemane or even the Forsaken of the Horde and Salen's knights all because of a greater good, Harthal soon saw action when he helped the allied forces to fight on Mor'rethar ,the first death gate on their way to the citadel, he fought bravely on the broken front providing cavalry support for the argent crusade ,because of this, he was promoted by Withemane herself to be one of her knights, he also assisted to the offensive meeting with her and helped her rally all the scarlet forces to their camp in order to get ready for the attack of the next day. Before going back to sleep he was visited by his long time banished brother Balian who was now an alliance soldier and was soon joining the Argent Vanguard,their reencounter was very tense because both of them felt betrayed from the other (Balian for leaving Harthal and Harthal for staying and didn't accompanied him).they soon parted ways but Harthal would always keep his promes in secret from his brother for he don’t like to show his feelings among others.

Unwanted AttentionEdit

¨I know your heart ,I know what you most desire,Its not peace or conpasion,What you truly seek is glory and pure power !!,come to me Harthal and I will give you power beyond your dreams, yo can see your family once again If you wish!! serve me and all shall be yours !!¨

-The Lich King tormeting Harthal in dreams-

File:Arthas lich king by chevsy.jpg

During the followging night,Harthal slept peacefully inside of his tent ,while he rested ,he had an horrible nightmare where he saw hismefl dying and Arthas tempting him with power and glory for him If he served him,he

soon woke up feeling horrfied to sleep again,Harthal realized that he was not only prized by his recent exploits by

his brothers and sisters but It had also called Arthas's attention on him,he opted to stay awake all the night and drink some cofee in the morning.

I'm glad to see you again my son! Just as the master predicted you have become strong!! You have hatred and rage inside of you!!.. Why you don’t use It? Release It!!The master wants you as he wanted me! Join me my son and together we will destroy the living invaders as father and son!!!

-Vergill to Harthal-

The next morning Harthal felt tired and he asked the General If he could catch up with their forces later which he
File:523 realsize.jpg
agreed. After being full of cock ,Harthal rode to the battle but he was intercepted on his way by a mysterious death knight mounted on his deahtcharger and accompanied by 4 boneguard captains, the deahtknight sent them to assault Harthal who defeated them using his personal blessing on his weapon and he challenged the deahtknight to duel him ,however Harthal become soon horrified when his enemy revealed his identity as Vergil, his long dead father who has been corrupted into a deathknight of the scourge to attempt to turn Harthal into darkness, Harthal didn't hesitate twice to attack him now that he was an undead ,he charged at Vergil in full force but Vergil being a deahtknight stayed calmed and easily over powered Harthal, he was about to kill his son but he left sparing his life in order to make him realize that he was still weak and to break his faith in the light and left him injured outside in the snow. Harthal used his remeaning strenght to go to the pinnacle and received help, his life was saved by the orc shamans Draga and Morgorath who listened to his tale about his encounter with Virgin and he offered his assistance to the paladin in his new quest to purify his evil father, at first Harthal passed him in a cold manner when after insisting he answered that he 'could do what he wanted', unknown and unlikely to Harthal It was the start of a friendship with the orc shaman.


Originally Harthal had a kind and pasive nature but after seeing and suffering the horrors of the undead,It
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changed completely.

He shares many traits and believes of Mograine because of his admiration to him, he still is his role model, he has a violent nature and he would not hesitate to destroy any enemies of the light, he do not like to heard bad talk about the crusade or Its leaders, he would obey only a ranking member of the crusade otherwise he will do as he please. Unlike many paladins he enjoys war and the carnage of combat, he can even taste the pleasure of killing hundreds of undead, he believes that the humans are the most powerful race and that other races can’t be trusted however It appears that Morgoraht is the exception to the rule. Although he believes that his brother is a traitor to the light, he really cares for him despite the fact that he would not admit It in public .Being alone for a long time and after losing all he loved he no longer express his feelings or emotions, he would like to find a woman who can enable him to let go his suffering for all he has endured. He do not like to reactive aid from other races or factions unless he really needs It, he can still feel compassion and care for others If he sees them in danger or If he thinks that they deserve his help thanks to the guidance of Liszt he is starting to understand that the duty of a paladin is not only vanquish evil but also save and protect the innocent. He is full of pride for himself and the crusade, he obeys whitemane to the letter without question believing her to be the messenger of the light and the general who is like a father figure to him, he believes that the crusade are the true chosen of the light and that Its full of good intentions for the world, he has complete faith in the crusade and Its leaders.

Theme songEdit

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