This guide will teach you how to make your very own article for your character, guild Etc. This will be a step based guide and you will find instruction added down the page with my advanced intrudction next to them. If you get confused or need some help you're free to ask for Pepper or Jaf.

Step 1

First of you want to go on the main page and press add "page" this will bring up a small window where you can chose the standard layout. Make sure you choose blank as the "standard" is filled with useless stuff which you'll just have to remove anyways.

Step 2

Now you'll enter the main text editor where the various article and text editing tool are gathered. First off we want to create a infobox. -The infobox is the little box with a image and some very basic information you will usually find on all articles.

To create the infobox you simple left click the "Template" button and select"Template:Infobox" this will open up a window, the Infobox editor.

In the Boxtitle you put the name of the character or guild. This will be the headline on the box. In the "Image" box you will usually write the "path" to your file.

To upload the image you want to go here Upload image You will have to login - If you do not have an account you will have to create one.

When you've uploaded the image to the wiki you can add it to the wiki by writing "File:YourImageName.jgp" -Notice the file extension can change depending if you're using a jpg, gif or png image!

Tip: To add a image in places like "Row 1 info" or so you will have to add File:YourImagename.gif

Step 3

With the infobox done you simple have to add your information to the page.

Note: It's adviseable to add some text a good amount of text in the start of some sort of introduction then make a section or header where you can add more detailed information.

To add a section or a header. You basically write in the box like you would with regular text then you mark it over and click the button called "Normal" and a dropdown menu will appear, make sure to pick Headline 2 as the others will only make the font bold and create a invisible line.

When you have added the sections and text you want you need to scroll down and find a button named "Add Catagory" Here you will write either "Characters" or "Guilds" -Or other catagoris which fits to your article. This will get your article listed in the wiki thus making it -A lot- easier for people to find and read your article!

When that's done press "Save Page" and you're done.

Congratualions, you've made your very own wiki page.