Ranger Isana Ar'Cael
Isana training in the rain, without her facial war-paint.


Huntress, Ranger, Arcane Ranger


IconSmall High Elf Female Female


IconSmall Human FemaleCustomSunny Human, IconSmall High Elf Female High-Elf

Character Class

IconSmall Hunter Ranger, Arcane Ranger


Neutral 32Independent, Neutral


Serving the Creed of Freedom and The Duskbreakers




Orlethal Ar'Cael (father, deceased) Caroline Hastings Ar'Cael (mother, missing/believed to be deceased)



Lelianna's Song (with lyrics) - Dragon Age Origins Soundtrack

Lelianna's Song (with lyrics) - Dragon Age Origins Soundtrack

One of her tales sung by herself.


Isana is a reserved and bit introvert person, who will always welcome anyone with a smile on her face. Her kind is not favored amongst the high elves, which led her to become a strong willed and determined person, who had always done her best to prove that she can be as useful as the "pure" elves. Her dedication and enthusiasm towards the elven rangers and druidism have led her to become one of them, as she learned most things about their methods from her father, Orlethal. She likes to spend hours in the wilderness wandering aimlessly to simply discover the miracles of nature and gather new experiences.

Her favourite free time activity is singing ballads of different tales. These mostly tell stories about great heroes or wanderers who have to face their greatest fears and grave danger, but in the end they either fail as eternal shadow and darkness consumes them or they overcome their fears and with the help of supernatural beings or powers, they become triumphant and fend off the shadows tainting the realm of the tales. If someone has the luck to hear her sing, they would be most likely stunned by the voice of Isana as it is so pure and harmless, giving a soothing and tranquil feeling like a peaceful stream at spring.


  • She's usually wearing her ranger uniform which is made of leather, a hood covering her head, hiding her slightly pointed ears from the curious eyes.
  • A medium sized quiver would be hanging on her back, alongside with her longbow, which is obviously originated from elven bowyers by the looks of it.
  • An elven scimitair is hanging by her left side in it's scabbard. This weapon is rarely used by Isana, so most of the time it's just hanging there like a sort of decoration.
  • Usually she is wearing a traditional war-paint on her face as a part of her uniform.
  • Thanks to her elven heritage, she is standing at almost six and a half feet tall, taller than the average human females.
  • If she is not wearing the uniform, she usually wears dresses which would not be ostentatious at all.
  • Her eyes would clearly show her elven heritage, the blue glow in them a tad weaker compared to a high elf's.
  • Her skin is pale and more fair than the usual human skin, clearly another sign of her elven heritage.
  • She has the usual blonde haircolor of the elves.


The early yearsEdit

Isana was born from a human mother and a high-elven father just about twenty years before the First War broke out. Her heritage of high-elven blood made her different from the most of the society and the high elves have always frowned upon her for the other side of her origin, the human one. In her younger years Isana never apprehended that why the other children avoided her, but as she stepped into puberty and her knowledge had grown considerably large, she have learned the pride of the high elven kind, which she appeared to be a disgrace of. Her struggle for the acceptance of the Quel'dorei had begun in those years and she joined her father, Orlethal who had began to lead her down the path of the rangers.

Isana have practiced with the bow day and night, pushing herself towards her limits. The adopted aspects of druidism which the rangers have used proved to be a great obstacle for the young half-elf and she made progression very slowly, while her archery skills flourished like no one else's.


The longbow which she was given by her father and uses ever since

The First WarEdit

A few months after her twentieth birthday the First War broke out and news of utter destruction throughout the lands of the humans have arrived, which was a great distress for Isana's mother, Caroline as she learned that her birthplace was burnt to the ground. The now mature half-breed tried to help her mother to get through this with everything she could do, sacrificing much time from her practices and trainings, but despite all of the efforts of Isana, her mother have decided to leave them and re-join her own kind at their newly formed kingdom in Lordaeron.

This just caused even greater distress in the now crippled Ar'Cael family as her father's heart was broken and he had fallen into depression. Isana now had to take care of her father, absolutely taking a hold on her trainings for almost a year. But thanks to the foresight of the half-elf, her father made it through this grousome mourning of his love and actually had become the same person as before.

The Second WarEdit

Just after his father recovered from his bereavement, the Second War broke out and the Alliance have asked for the aid of the Quel'dorei. Though the high-elves agreed to accompany their allies, they have only sent an emblematic army to assist them. This did not include the regiment of his fathers', so at that time Isana was able to continue her training with the help of her father. With the years of experience she had behind as a mature female, she proved to be a quick learner, quicker than anyone else around her. The high-elves began to take interest in Isana and she actually managed to slightly gain their acceptance with all of her efforts. Though the curious eyes of the elves turned away from her yet again as the orcs pushed towards the borderlands of Quel'thalas.

After the greenskins have burned a considerably large portion of the forests of the elven lands and corrupted the Runestone at Cear Darrow, the regiment of Isana's father was ordered to join the ongoing battles. Orlathel forbade Isana to join the regiment, but the girl literally begged her father to let her fight for her homeland. She wanted to prove that she can be as resourceful for the high-elves as anyone else. Her father allowed her to take part in the battles afterall, where Isana sticked close to her tutor and even in the midst of the bloody carnage that was going on around them, she watched and learned. After their great struggle against the Horde, the Alliance have won the war, though paying a great cost for it. Most of the elves, including the Ar'Cael family, have left the Alliance for their great loss, blaming the humans.

Years of PeaceEdit

In the peaceful years which followed the Second War, Isana continued her training, though she showed some interest in the use of magic as she actually began attending lessons about the use of arcane and the outgrowth of using such magic. She was awere of it's addictive effects and it took some time for her in deciding, whether she wants to utilize it for her advantages or not. After a few months of both learning about arcane and still carrying on with her ranger training, she made her first attempt in combining arcane with archery, which actually ended up with utter disaster. She shot an arrow charged with arcane energies at her practising target, but she underestimated the potency of magic and her own skills. The projectile simply ripped through the target and continued it's way towards the nearest building, as upon impact it busted a tremendous hole in the structure.


A portrait of Isana in her younger ages, while she was experimenting with the combination of arcane and archery.

After the incident her father forbade her in further attempting to combine arcane with the profession of the rangers. Despite all the trouble she caused with this, other elves have noticed the potential in Isana's idea and made her possible to carry on with her tentatives. Driven by the trust put into her and her determination in achieving further acceptance from the high-elven kind, she trained at every moment she had at her disposal.

The Third WarEdit

After a total of five years of peaceful existance, another dark shadow arose on the soil of Azeroth in the person of Arthas Menethil and his merciless army of undead, the Scourge. As they took over Lordaeron literally in the blink of an eye, Isana knew that she had a very tad chance of seeing her mother alive again. Afterwards the Scourge marched towards Quel'thalas, and the high-elves began their defensive manouvers launching several counter-attacks on them. Despite all their efforts the outer Elf Gate was destroyed quickly as the undeads swarmed Quel'thalas and marched towards Silvermoon. In the time, Isana and her father have served under the command of Sylvanas Windrunner.

The struggle against the unending horde of the undead went on and Orlathel gave his life for his homeland, falling to the enemy on the side of Sylvanas in the first lines of defense at the inner Elf Gate. The only Ar'Cael left on Azeroth just stood devastated at the gate as she watched her kin being slain in mere seconds, seemingly all of their efforts worth nothing. At the last moment a handful of mages have teleported the rest of the defenders of the gate out of the area, saving the lives of a few rangers, including Isana. Silvermoon was destroyed, the Sunwell tainted with foul magic as Arthas used it's powers to raise Kel'Thuzad from the dead.

The Scarlet CrusadeEdit

The handful of elves with Isana which managed to get away from the grasp of the Scourge have lived in hiding until Kael'thas Sunstrider had begun to organize the remainders of the Quel'dorei together. Most of the survivors had run to the aid of the prince, but not the group of Fellari Swiftarrow. Searching for a new purpose, this handful of elven rangers have joined the Scarlet Crusade to aid them in laying waste ot the Scourge.

Isana was haunted by the painful images of the loss of her father, but she found some redemption in teachings of the priests of the Scarlet and the Light itself. She did not became a believer, but in fact it gave her some hope that Orlethal might be embraced by eternal peace. This helped her through her mourning and apparently she became a more fierce combatant than before.

Under the command of Fellari, they have made several ambushes and attacks on the Scourge forces in the area, but this proved to be almost useless as the ranks of the undead have seemed endless. After their countless efforts throughout the years, one day their Ranger General have been reported missing in Silverpine. Isana was one of the candidates to replace Swiftarrow, but her origin made it impossible to become the new Ranger General as the high elves still could not look at her as one of their own kind. She left the crusade in despair as she could not accept the fact, that the elves still couldn't approve her, not even in these years when they should have stuck together like a family.

A lone wanderer in NorthrendEdit

Isana then became a wanderer and a warrior of the wilderness, a lone hunter who lurked in the forests of Azeroth, seeking the chance to avange her father's death. For many years she hunted the Scourge in her loneliness, occasionally visiting some of the towns throughout Azeroth. On one of these visits, she learned that there is an expedition going onto Northrend, several ships leaving the ports of the Eastern Kingdoms. Isana joined the expedition on one of the ships and after a long journey she arrived at the cold north.

Her first journey led her to led the half-elf to Dalaran where she stayed for a few months rejoining some of her elven kind who served under the ranks of the Kirin Tor. In those days she learned a few more about arcane as a still independent person, one of the mages teaching and giving advices to the ranger for a decent payment. Upon leaving Dalaran with her new knowledge, she headed out to the wilderness of Northrend to discover the unknown wonders of the continent. She spent most of her time in Sholazar Basin or the Grizzly Hills, those being the most desirable places for a being such as Isana.

Back to the Eastern KingdomsEdit

When the news of the fall of the Lich King and the demise of the Scourge reached her, she finally felt relieved and decided to make her way back to the Eastern Kingdoms, to end her wandering and join a new cause. Her attention got dragged towards the Twilight Cult and their activities during her stay in Northrend and somehow she felt that they will be a large threat to Azeroth, sooner or later.

Her anticipation proved to be right as Deathwing arose from his lair and the Shattering ravaged the lands of Azeroth, leaving only a few regions untouched. Isana felt sympathy for all those who have been victims to the events, but for the most, she felt guilty for leaving the alliance before, for not being there when needed. She travelled to Elwynn Forest and visited the capital city of the humans, noticing an appeal on one of the call boards of Stormwind. She have seeked out those who made the appeal, The Duskbrakers to join them and fight against the Twilight's Hammer. Apparently she stumbled into the leaders of the organisation in the midst of a meeting, where the Duskbreakers have united with the Paragon and the Coalition, to stand together against anything that might threaten the human kind and the Alliance.

From that day the Creed of Freedom was established and Isana joined their cause, promising that she will do her best to protect anyone that is in danger.


Q: What weapons she fights with?

A: She mainly uses her elven longbow, but just in case, she has a finely crafted elven scimitair on her side.

Q: Who are her best friends?

A: She doesn't really have any, for she have just arrived back to the Eastern Kingdoms from her longlasting journeys and wandering.

Q: Why a ranger?

A: Her father was a ranger aswell, thus not really having any other choices. But regardless, she was very interested in it and she happily took down the path of the rangers.