Isolla Tennebane


The Red Knight





Character class

Warrior, Hemomancer


The Tennebane Family


Captain of the Tennebane's guards


Northern Eastern Kingdoms


Alive and Insane


Oni Tennebane, Xerus Tennebane, Unnamed mother, an unnamed sister, an unnamed brother

"Daughter, you are strong despite your feeble gender... don't fail me again" 

—Xerus Tennebane after cursing Isolla.


Isolla is a mostly average woman of around 5' 6" in height with a fairly curvy figure but rather small bust which she admits to being in her favour being a melee fighter. The features of her face are well defined and framed by her shoulder length messy dark hair most of the time the woman is smiling cheerfully however she appears to look around every now and again as if hearing something that noone else heard. The highlight of her face is likely her eyes each bearing a different colour, green in her left eye, blue in her right.

Personality wise she is a cheerful and happy person most of the time, she enjoys jokes, has a good sense of humour (even if it is a bit black now again), and sees things noone else can see. She appears to suffer heavily from hallucinations to the point that in the middle of a fight she may suddenly swing for an invisible foe or turn to face a foe trying to sneak up upon her simply because 'The voices said someone was there'.


Perhaps one of the most tragic of the Tennebane children, bar Oni Tennebane, Isolla grew up completely ignored by her father which she always presumed was due to her hallucinations. Even when Oni was sent away from the house and she became the eldest aknowledged child of the family the attention of her father, mother, and even all the family's servants was always focused upon her younger brother and sister leaving her completely ignored from her teens through to her current age of 27.

She was tutored by her father in Hemomancy though he only really showed her the bare minimum of what was possible preferring to tutor her brother over her. This left her frustrated and annoyed making her eventually teach herself the magic through trial and error even when she managed to meld the art of hemomancy with the weapons of a warrior her father barely even aknowledged her as he watched her grow faster than the son much to his distain.

In the hopes of slowing her progression down so his 'only' son may prosper he placed a curse upon her intensifying her already present hallucinations to the point she can now barely distinguish the real from the fantasy and appointed her as captain of the skeleton guard of their estate. Admitedly Isolla was satisfied by being appointed the position by her father even though she knew he didn't do it because he was pleased with her.


  • Isolla has had many men requesting to marry her. She's turned down every single one.
  • It's rumored she has a secret lover due to her rejecting so many.
  • Despite being appointed the Captain of her family's guard she is usually absent from the island as of late though paperwork she has to do is always delivered on time.
  • Her greatest fear is that one day her hallucinations will make something real be unseen by her.
  • Left handed in both writing and combat.
  • Has a preference for large cleaver-like swords which she can use to great effect upon lightly armoured foes.
  • Is rather unique amongst her family as she carries no vials of blood with which to cast blood magic with instead she relies on causing bleeding injuries upon her foes to cast her magic.
  • The title 'Red Knight' was bestowed upon her after a pirate ship attacked the ship she was upon. When she was finished cleaning up her previously shining armour was stained red with blood along with most of the deck.