Jale Auris
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Jale within Northrend






Half elf

Character class:

IconSmall Mage Archmage


Theramore, The Kirin Tor


Archmage, Assistant (former), Apprentice (former)


Dalaran, Stormwind, Theramore




Analia Auris (Adopting Mother), Fredrick Auris (Adopting Father)


Lady Jaina Proudmoore (former advisor in magic)

Jale Auris is a young human archmage making her life in Dalaran. Being adopted by her parents, she was raised knowing they had no bood relations yet never found out who her real parents are. Before the Third war she was spending her time in Stromgarde.

At young age of twelve, she was thrust into the invasion of Lordearon and Third War, coming along with the party led away by Lady Jaina Proudmoore. Sailing over to Kalimdor young girl lived through the world seeing the damage of the undead and demons, yet she grew up looking at peace between humans and orcs, making her a peacekeeper in the future.

At present day aging 24, she resides in Dalaran, being the starter of initiative against Cataclysm, and former assistant to Jaina Proudmoore, currently an Archmage in her own right.


Born in Stromgarde, Jale is a child of two unknown people, being given away, she was adopted by a sweet and homing family named Auris. Having spent most of her time on streets and around markets, she was not a child of much potential, lacking the money for high education and such.

Learning how to steal on the streets, her skills used her well when she stole library's books, her inquisitive nature bringing her far in life as it is from the very beginning. Her mother taught her how to read, and hence the books about arcane, sorcerers and distant places attracted Jale the most.

Learning from them, Jale was quite successful at casting the most minor of spells, which was a big thing for a side-by family she had. Yet too short was her glory, the Third War interrupted everything she had been working on and forced young Jale away with Lady Proudmoore's troops over sea, her mother came along while father was left back to fight the undead.

Upon defeat of the Legion during which she was hidden away by her mother, Jale had a lot of chances to watch peace bringing good and defeating the bad, and most of all a certain sorceress that sparked Jale's imagination of sorcery and power - Lady Proudmoore. Making Jaina an idol in her head, Jale was bold enough to upon building of Theramore come up to the sorceress and simply talk.

Unable to resist her big teal eyes, Lady Proudmoore found time for her in small loop-holes, just as she does today. In the mean-time during four years of peace in Theramore, Jale's mother dies from a mysterious disease and Lady Proudmoore was quick to enroll her into Theramore's tower, where she had a stay and ability to study magic.


When you look at Jale, you don't see much of an average human girl. Her eyes seem blueish, yet more so teal in color, like the tropical seas. Her hair is blonde and very long, reminding more-so of an elven appearance.

Skin color usually quite tanned being exposed to a lot of Sun. Her body has constitution that seems quite elven and not so much human, hence her origins are usually a theme of discussion - but her ears don't seem to indicate signs of her being a half elf.

Jale's clothing style is rarely the same, usually made of lighter and bright colored clothes with a hood or cloak occasionally when it's raining

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Jale within Dustwallow's Marsh

A trip to DalaranEdit

In recent events of Cataclysm, Jale went away to a long foot-trip to Dalaran city, the trip was exhausting yet with good results and a starting attempt of combining forces with others in attempt to fight back the Cataclysm cast upon the world.

Shorter version: Weeks after cataclysm fell upon the world, Jale was constantly in distress, yet not letting many notice it. In her stressful state she usually rode her horse around the Marsh, but seeing all the destruction made her realize where the stress came from. Soon enough she enrolled on the boat to Northrend without Jaina's knowledge and was gone for a whole two weeks, missing. She found a gnome Lerrick and together on foot

the pair made it to Dalaran. Gnome went on with his business and Jale reported to the Council of Six, she was dismissed at first but stating who she is, they wished to hear a word of one taught by Lady Proudmoore. She spoke to them of peace and how factions need to be taken together, they all agreed and started working on tying Argents and their faction along with few more together, Theramore involved. Upon returning Jaina wished to scream at her but seeing her simply led to a hug, as she spoke of what she did, Jaina with pride recognized part of herself within Jale and embraced her plan as initiate against the Cataclysm. (All NPCs RP'd by Flamme at the time)

For more details about this event click here

Acting rulership over TheramoreEdit

As Jale returned from Northrend with news to Jaina, Jaina was quick to go on with the plan and proceeded to attend diplomatic discussions in Stormwind, during her absence which was supposed to last a week, yet turned into two. Jale was placed in position of Theramore's acting ruler, with Pained in charge of military operations and Archmage in charge of paperwork.

During her short ruling period, Jale managed to call by magister Talremar (today archmage) and together with him and few forces managed to take down a camp of Grimtotem taurens which lied right in front of Theramore's south entrance. Achieving victory in this battle, the tauren camp was de-composed and their buildings used as additional wood supplies to Theramore.

As Jaina returned and took the rulership back, she came back with good news of Alliance soldiers willing to help against the Cataclysm could go ahead and claim neutrality for the time being - good news through took no good effect considering very few actually decided to do so.

(NPCs RP'd by Flamme)


During a period of mana addiction.

The Auris ExpeditionEdit

Recently after the beginning of the push back on the Cataclysm, Jale was quick to push on with her own efforts. With Theramore's support, Jale managed to make her own Expedition which would investigate the matters going underneath the water. collect group of ten heroes, they went off to the land known as Wetlands. Ending up tackled down by a giant kraken, their ship had been destroyed and they were found with lost Alliance forces under the seafloor.

During this time, Jale had suffered many traumatic attacks of rage, making her eyes glow brighter and her power increase severally. It was discovered that Jale was actually a half elf - or has an elven parent, and the problem she was having is connected to arcane addiction.

Returning to the land as soon as they gathered more information, The Auris Expedition returned with news of the Naga and Old Gods working together to assault Neptulon the Tidehunter. Information quickly reached the higher ranks to face a response.

If you wish to see more on what led to the expedition's creation and how it was created, visit this link.

(NPCs RP'd by Jesper, event hosted by Azeroc)


Jale is currently an advocate between Horde and Alliance who works from Theramore and travels a lot between it and Dalaran. Her ties with the Kirin Tor remain tight while she is assisting Lady Proudmoore in push-back onto the Cataclysm and trying to make everyone focus on the main goal - defeating Deathwing.

In the closest future, Jale went into Bastion of Twilight to fight them herself, managing to get over the first beast, Jale took a fierce blow to her energy as she protected herself from direct assault of Twilight's dragons' breath, after the battle she had to leave the happening with her state.


Younger Jale sporting her motivational message.


In her personality Jale is known as a very kind person with an open mind and heart that would see things clearly. She is not easily annoyed and is very charismatic in expressing herself, often taking diplomatic stances to bring peace. Jale usually will never order an attack or attack herself unless she is attacked, but once she is locked within a battle, she will often times use her magic to it's full potential to either assault the enemy or protect those around her, willing to take a life for her people if that's what it takes. An inspirational figure of noble blood, Jale today stands as a strong-willed woman, ready to fight for her ideals in the world.

Jale (2)

Jale in combat.


Jale is known for being master in Conjuration and Transmutation, she usually works best with an army at her side. Her abilities while devestating in duels are much better utilised within an army, spells like Water Elemental or Mass Teleportation allow for her to make unexpected strikes and force boosts. In the battle-field Jale would usually be in the back supporting her troops or directly striking a dangerous enemy.

Unlike her mistress, in battle, Jale has no mercy, she'll use her spells to their full power no matter mortal or undead in attempt to bring swift death and shall murder anyone who gives pause to her people.


"What a fine day ahead of us!"

"You’ll be berried beneath the Kirin Tor!"

"True power lies within knowledge."

"Theramore won’t take such insolence!"

"That’s enough from you! "

"Look away. "

"There are many wonders within the world. "

"Imagine what we could learn here… "

"Those in need should be helped, unconditionally. "

"Move fast, we haven’t time to waste! "

"Magic of this world is corrupted to no-end. "

"Those new sorcerers are arrogant to believe knowledge needless."

"Will power is the most powerful of all! "

"Seek knowledge, the rest will follow. "

"Let me demonstrate what happens to ice when it meets flame… "

"I see the fear in your eyes, there’s a good reason for it."


"What is this, it’s…a dusty book! Shame!"


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Leona Voice - English - League of Legends

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