John once lived happily with his family in the proud human capital of Lordaeron, yet was dragged away as the scourge marched onto their doorstep, both his mother and father faught proudly to defend their nation. Just as the rest of the defenders they met there end, leaving John to move off with the rest of the people, back to Elwynn forest and Stormwind.

Alliance 32 John 'The Fist' Forsight




IconSmall Human Male Male


IconSmall Paladin Paladin




Mother: Phillipa Forsight Father: Borowik Forsight Both Dead


IconSmall Stormwind Alliance

At an early age John was taught the ways of the light and the ways of a Paladin, being only taught by his father he never really picked up on it all. A part of him wants to believe in it all, yet another part thinks it is "Mumbo jumbo" and does not want to believe that there is a power such as the light for it never protected his family as the defended their nation.

Being slightly smaller for an average man and standing at a height of 5'7 John has a slight issue when people say anything about him being small, But what he lacks in height he more than makes up for in brute force strength, having a deadly and killer right hook he has made a name for himself in a few of stormwind's and Elwynn forests taverens and bars most commonly known as "The Fist".

Doing mainly odd jobs around Elwynn forest for locals that he knows and people that generally need help he has never really ventured further outside of Stormwinds borders than Westfall and Redridge, he likes the idea of travel and loves the thrill of adventure but he has always felt he is more use at his home in Elwynn.

Being more of the adventurous type of man he has learn to deal with cuts scrapes and slight wounds via the magical power of first aid, very well taught in this little art and knowing of a few minor light-based heals he like to combine the two to patch any wound up. With this there have been many a time in his life so far where he has helped out his local barman Brog, patching him and his fellow inkeepers up when attacked by bandits.


John and his Empowered Mace.

As all most men of the woods go each one usually has a trademark weapon, the same goes for John, his mace was forged by his good friend Eddlin when they were growing up, it was a token of thanks to him for being such a good friend, Eddlin

was moving away to Gilnaes with his family and he wanted to give something to John so he would remember him, the weapon has never left his sight since, he now uses it to his whim, even enfusing it with his own energies when in times of need.

The weapon itself is used more as a throwing mace, when combined with his energies it makes for one deadly hit, using it to stun his enemies and most of the time, knock them cold so they may answer for their crimes.

Facts about John:

  • Stands at 5'7 (Scaled down from 1 to 0.9 5 In-Game)
  • The necklace around his neck was a birthday presant from his mother, he treasures it.
  • He never goes anywhere without his hat, letting his ponytail stick out from under it, the hat is considered to be his lucky hat.
  • Can usually be found wandering around with his best friend Marcie.
    Forsights mace

    The mace Forged by Eddlin.