Kanrie Adelfae
Kanrie adventure
Sketch of Kanrie in warmage regalia, by PastL
Vital statistics
Title Warmage / Arcane Explorer
Gender Female
Race Night Elf (Highborne)
Faction Alliance by Association
Health Good
Level  ??
Status Alive
Location Varies

Description: Edit

Kanrie is around 6'9”, and is a curvaceous elf with long, decorated (typically) cyan hair. Like most Highborne, most of her wardrobe is embellished with elven finery and natural baubles. What most people will see her in, her traveling clothes, are a lot more subdued in order to not draw too much unwanted attention or get abruptly caught in anything. As a warmage, she has good structure and tone. Her body is well conditioned due to athletic training in the wilds (from learning combat techniques, and overall living in Feralas) and the typical natural fitness of most Night Elves.

She is prideful, at times spiteful, teeming with unresolved issues. Having been in hiding for thousands of years and enduring withdrawal pains, fits of regret, fits of anger, and being surrounded by those enduring the same and using desperate measures to overcome all of it can take a toll on someone. At very rare, incredibly tense moments, she has episodes that get “triggered.” What happens during these times how they are triggered are a mystery, requiring the elf to suddenly dismiss herself. Whatever happened in her past affected her deeply. But her strong mind allows her to cope with it long enough to get things done.

At her best moments, Kanrie can be surprisingly patient and nurturing (when she cares to be). Unlike her Kaldorei counterparts, and much like her more immediate and even descended kin, she enjoys luxury, power, vanity, and indulgences to garish levels. Like her Kaldorei kin, she enjoys the pleasantries of nature. On top of being caring and patient, she can be mischievous in her manner, and burlesque in her language.

Despite having a distinct focus on her new chance at life, she doesn't take herself too seriously. The opportunities afforded to her in the new societies open her up to new chances to learn, explore, and continue her growth as a person.

She actually has white hair, but enjoys coloring it--with magic!

History: Edit

Being re-admitted among the Kaldorei, and allowed to practice magic openly among them, wasn't met with excitement and joy by Kanrie. Instead, she accepted it with a quiet grace; with disbelief, a little guilt, and even a bit of “I told you so,” especially settled within when observing the destruction the orcs had laid upon the Ashenvale groves.

Roughly 10,000 years earlier, the Highborne made her way from her family's home to study magic in the formerly great city of Eldre'Thalas, where many scholars and powerful magi lived. Being surrounded by those fiercely loyal to Queen Azshara made Kanrie feel that all was right in her world. Having witnessed her beauty on a few occasions, she fell enchanted like most of those who laid eyes on the queen. She strove to become more powerful and to someday serve in her court, studying, training, and making sure to socialize and party in magic-addled luxury with those seen as the most powerful and influential in the city. The time of great training and social ladder climbing was exciting for the Highborne. She was content to focus her studies more on conjuring than anything, seeing not much of a need to display "brutish" battle power.

This would all end when the fearful words from the “non-gifted,” Kaldorei who shunned the excessive magic use became true. The Queen had gone too far, and their time of power and wealth was coming to and end. Scryers sent word that terrible things were happening in the grand city Zin-Azshari. Kanrie's cousin, among one of the refugees, told her how a few went to serve the “monsters” that had been summoned, but others escaped, and the snake-headed sea monster that their queen had turned into.

It was after this point that things became much worse for Kanrie and her kin. The withdrawal pains started to begin, and the search for measures to cope with the need for more power, to achieve former glory, grew worse and worse each day. On top of that, they had been shunned; the majority of their kind had been exiled from the entire continent. Traveling was made hard to nearly impossible due to the keen skills of the scouts and sentinels that were on patrol; as the days passed, Kanrie and those around her found themselves retreating further and further into the city. So, years were spent in hiding, sometimes for weeks or months at a time inside, only able to maintain the knowledge that she had, to perfect her art, and to keep her skills in practice. Witnessing Eldre'Thalas fall into ruins and be infested by ogres was spirit-shattering- though, spirits were sometimes lifted on secret rendezvous to remind a few ogres they weren't exactly alone. The feeling of being walled in and surrounded changed her focus from the art of arcane conjuring, to something that she found much more useful. Embracing the art of applying magic to defensive techniques, she began a rigorous training regimen of conjuring barriers of ice, freezing to death encroaching ogres, and the art of swordplay from some of the battlemages who were hiding beneath the city with the rest of them.

There seemed to be a break in the mess when Immol'thar was imprisoned. Things seemed... fair, at best, to have a new power source to use. However, when the pylons failed, measures had to be taken. And, in a society with a small population, the disappearance of others was no secret. 

Kanrie often glosses over that part of her story. There's something she isn't exactly telling anyone. Does it matter now?

...It was at this point that Kanrie and the others took the risk of escaping, hiding among ruins in Feralas, and returning to aid those who attempted to escape Prince Tortheldrin's madness. In a coordinated effort, the insane leader was finally overthrown. During the recouping, they began to sense that something wasn't right with the world. When they realized the sinister source of power approaching that would change the world, the Highborne knew they had no choice but to warn everyone else. With this, the Highborne took the risk of traveling to Darnassus, engaging in intense talks, and to Dalaran as well.

Kanrie stayed in Darnassus, patiently, tensely engaging with the younger elves and assisting with the first lessons. Unfortunately, she had a deep wanderlust that tugged at her. Hearing the stories of the worgen as well as the travels the other Kaldorei had done through the lands of these newer races reminded her that there was a world she had missed out on. Other Highborne were already taking similar journeys, especially making their way to Dalaran to speak with the magi there. She spoke with those above her, realizing that she would better suited on foot, reporting new findings and aiding those who desired it. In exchange, she seeks her own knowledge and power.

Now, traveling mostly on foot, Kanrie travels across the Azeroth, documenting her findings, learning firsthand of the rest of the world, especially of other mages, and the new sources of power. She finds it much easier to work away from the tension and grudges that linger in Darnassus.

Weaknesses: Edit

Impulsive: While somehow managing to maintain decorum, Kanrie doesn't think twice about taking certain risks. A constant need for stimulation combined with a scientific love for experimentation and discovery gets her into things. It's only gotten worse with age and being shut up in a hole for so long. This really shouldn't be confused with random bouncey-bounce actions and being childish. She's just someone who isn't afraid to get herself (and others) hurt just to experience something new and exciting.

Indifference: This is the best way to describe the reason why Kanrie takes on certain actions, and is an extension of her darker side. This isn't to be confused with being able to be manipulated; she just may have moments where she's looking out for #1 at the worst possible time. In addition to that, someone telling her to 'behave' better (in some extreme situation) will probably be completely ignored. Kanrie does Kanrie.

Dislike of Druids: She can be perfectly civil around them, but the potential of getting into trouble because of one is there.

Power Addiction: Having had a taste of unlimited power, Kanrie realizes that she isn't as potent as she used to be, and struggles with accepting this. If the pull is too strong, she could easily falter... *In addition to that, she also suffers from the standard arcane addiction that threatens some mages.

Mental Illness / Trauma: Combined with the power addiction, the experiences over the course of 10,000 years, and probably the quirks most mages have, she has this slightly. Realistically portrayed, it's not an outward thing, but is subtle enough to affect her personality and perception of the world. The most obvious form this likely comes in are nightmares.

Strengths: Edit

Ancient Knowledge: It goes without saying. Like most of her ilk, she's been exposed to things that most people in the current generation have only heard stories about. She uses this knowledge to not only find relics from the past, but to better understand the new innovations of the future.

Training: Having thousands of years to study magic, Kanrie is particularly adept at her craft. Although she isn't as potent as she used to be, she has a great sense of control and discipline in her magical arts that is worked upon each day.

Easygoing: Elves are seen as uptight, but she is a bit more relaxed. Unfortunately, her easygoing nature is only there because of her own impulsiveness or indifference.

Conditioning: She can endure long treks thanks to her stamina.

Tactics: Even though Kanrie formerly trained to be a conjuror, she took up more combative magic long ago. She favors defensive maneuvers over direct-on striking.

Decorum: Being a former noble, Kanrie is very particular about her presentation in nearly any situation. Granted, her idea of this may not be the same for each culture.

Current: Edit

Coming soon, maybe.