Maisie "Maze" Eberly
Maisie, before chopping off her hair


IconSmall Human FemaleCustomSunny Maisie "Maze" Eberly


Neutral 15 Neutral


IconSmall Rogue Rogue, 16px-Ability stealth Free Agent




Work in Progress


  • Whilst scouting around the Beggar's Haunt in Darkshire, Maisie was cornered by a man enclosed in shadow magic which turned his skin a purple hue. Immediately, her left hand went to the hilt of her blade as the man spoke to her in a loud, echoing voice. The man, unaware of her true sex, deemed her to be a small gutter-rat boy and very quickly tried to posses the young child. Yet Maisie was stronger than she appeared and was able to deflect the attack as her will-power overcame the ghost.
  • Taken back, the ghost stumbled away from Maisie before she struck up a bargain with him: She would help him recover a body to possess if afterwards her would agree to help her with whatever she asked. He agree'd, and for a week Maisie brought him weak, drunken hobos for him to take over- yet none would have it. They all deflected the man, and soon the ghost called Garric disapeared for many days.
  • Maisie gave up finding bodies once the curse struck Darkshire, and spent her days instead in Goldshire speaking amongst those who stayed there and listening to drunken tales dwarves often told. Once the curse was lifted, she returned to the small lake behind Beggar's Haunt to find Garric once more.