Mordred Duskbringer




Warrior / Aristocrat


Gilnean Human




Magnus Duskbringer (Father, deceased)

Vernon Duskbringer (Brother, deceased)

Angela Duskbringer (Mother, alive)

Lily Duskbringer (Sister, alive)




Duskhaven, Gilneas

Eye colour:

His eyes are chrome, also commonly described as metallic grey.

Piercings / Tattoos:

None visible



Voice -

(The first man to speak)


Mordred Duskbringer, second child of the late Magnus, was always the favoured of the siblings by his father. His brother Vernon was the first in line, however, and was learning the arts of magic - intent on becoming some sort of Scholar and discover the great unknowns of the world. The family hailed from Gilneas - Mordred born just before the Second War. After his father had received a crippling wound to the leg during the last of the several hundred battles in his life, he had fully dedicated himself to his love of architecture - moving south when plans for the rebuilding of Stormwind first came to him (not knowing about Genn's plan to seal their homeland until years later) in order to aid with the construction.

He was brought up to be a Warrior just as his father wished, who had been somewhat disappointed that the eldest had turned to the eldritch arts, and was educated privately as was typical for a child of Noble birth - learning of mathematics, the literature of his race, history of battle and tactics. Tactics was something he excelled with and, despite being a good fighter as well, it was in this field that he truly shone. As he grew, his accumulation of knowledge and experience increased accordingly, before he was enlisted into the newly reformed Stormwind Military to further his combat skills - learning the more advanced arts of swordsmanship through field training and combat against the creatures and corrupt men of the Southern Eastern Kingdoms, whilst his brother worked with a private tutor to further his magical prowess. Vernon was a good Mage, Mordred could not help but admit, yet he wondered how the man fit into their family so badly: their mother had been a Sorceress from another family of Nobility and their sister had been raised more to be a good wife and housekeeper than anything else, clearly designed for some sort of arranged marriage alliance in the future. But still, despite similarities to their mother and receiving affection from their sister, Vernon stuck out amongst them - the men of the family - like a sheep amongst wolves.

Years passed as the great Stormwind City was rebuilt, the man having been placed at Lakeshire to fight against raiding Blackrock Orcs, until Mordred reached the age of 22. The City was thriving and Magnus
decided a family meeting should take place - picking the site of the new Manor he had purchased for them all to arrive at. Mordred was to ride alone, having recently left the military due to wishing a temporary break from the constant battle, whilst his brother and father took a carriage from Stormwind and his mother and sister were already waiting at the manor. He expected to arrive last, painfully reminding him of his inability to succeed his father, due to the greater distance he had to travel from his placement at Lakeshire. He rode without interruption to Darkshire, setting out from there along the main road, to find a most gruesome scene. He immediately recognised the battered carriage ahead as his family's, urging the horse to accelerate with a kick to the side, to find his beloved father dead beneath his own mount. The guards of the caravan, too, had been slain - baring slash, stab, and even claw wounds. It was then that he heard a chattering from within the carriage itself, dismounting his horse and drawing his blade from its sheath. Kicking down the door, he found his brother... unharmed... surrounded by tomes and mystical objects.
He advanced, slowly, eyeing his sibling with immense anger - questioning him on how he did nothing, and wasn't seen, the reply to which was that the brother "didn't notice until it was too late." - "Immersed in his studies", apparently. Vernon could not identify who had commit this attrocity, and this became the final straw for Mordred. He stepped forth swiftly and, with a mixture of hatred and disbelief at the situation, he ran his brother through...
...Now he was the next in line. As his brother's blood trickled slowly down his face, he dropped his blade in astonishment at what he had done. He was never the same afterwards.

He gathered the bodies of the guards around the carriage, setting them alight with flint and tinder, to allow them rest. His father's body was taken up in his arms, upon his horse, and rode to the manor. Vowing to his two remaining family members that he would take vengeance upon whomever had done this, he cried quietly with them whilst burying the one he had been so close to. Mordred became bitter from that day onwards, seeking to please himself through drink, women and hunting, yet he found no real satisfaction in any of it. As he was head of the family now, he came into possession of the manor and the several minor tracts of land within Duskwood that his father had purchased when they moved here from Gilneas - leasing them to farmers and families to fund his binging. Over the years, he attempted to sate his soul's burning hunger for revenge with the torment or slaughter of whomever crossed him, but this was not enough. His family had sunk low during that time, almost forgotten by all except for the people of Duskwood.

The thrill of battle cried out to him, as did his newly found sense of justice, but it was only at the age of 28 did he truly rouse himself from his stupor with the rumours of a new organization forming in Duskwood, to purge it of the Alliance's enemies. Duskwood, his home, was the perfect place to quench both thirsts, he thought, and so he ventured out from the metaphorical shadows to discover the source of the rumours.


The man before you is of average height, purposely failing to hide a muscular build wrapped in slightly tanned skin. This makes him seem imposing to the common peer and - as he enjoys such an effect - he dons blackened armour and weaponry to add to it. A cape flows down his back, attached to his armour at the collar, with a large onyx blade hidden within a sheath strapped over it. Black hair is well-sculpted upon his head, apparently cut regularly to maintain his usual appearance, stubble also always present upon his cheeks, chin and above his upper lip. He took pride in his appearance - perhaps the reason for his success in acquiring several... partners over the years. He felt no love for them, however, as he had grown bitter and over the years since his father's death - seeking to use them only to fight his loneliness and despair.