Anchorite Naleen

Alliance 32

Naleen Today


Anchorite, Preacher, Priestess of the Naaru.




Draenei. IconSmall Draenei Female.gif (Formerly Eredar)


Priestess. IconSmall Priest (Formerly Mage) IconSmall Mage


Exodar, Aldor, Shattrath, The Argent Crusade.


Battle-priestess, healer, preacher, confessor.


Tak'na (Mother, Deceased), Juhrann (Father, Deceased), Juhren (Brother, Deceased), Kahn (Husband, Deceased).




"How old I am? ... No, of course it's not a problem you ask... I just don't have the exact number.."

Naleen is a priestess of the Draenei, who have been with them ever since they fled from Argus. She's usually kind, and tries her best not to judge the individual by a generalizing opinion, yet being reasonable in doing so. She is quite neutral to most races, but despise the undead quite a lot.

After helping bringing both Illidan and Arthas to their fall, she is stationed in the eastern plaguelands, helping the Argent Crusade to rid of the remaining scourge.


Considering her extreme high age (compared to the rest of Azeroth’s native races) she would look quite young, due to her immortality (or extreme high lifespan, lore doesn’t tell). Not having to fight at the front, due to her profession, her body never aged beyond what was biologically to her own physical advantage. Though, her shoulder-lengthed hair would’ve gone from dark-brown to snow-white, over the many years. Aside from this, and a pair of wise and insightful, light blue eyes; that would be her only traits of age.

Having high, weakly, but present marked cheek-bones that allow her head a soft oval shape. Her horns are pointing straight backwards, also being quite average for the Draenei. She would take advantage of heir shape to place some of her hair up behind it, adding some volume to her hair, instead of it being flat. A bit of her hair would fall down her face, breaking the harmonic mixture. She appears to look friendly most of the time.

She’s of average height, not being skinny, but healthy thin, her body curving gracefully according to most beauty ideals. However, she’s no bunch of muscles either. Her physical strength being one of the things she has to improve on. She’s agile and lithe, however, good at moving herself around at a relatively quick rate. This naturally; also being the purpose of her light armour.

Naleen’s garments would consist of a mix between cloth and silver-plate - the plate being very thin, and only serving a decorative purpose to her attire. Her breastplate covers her upper body, the shirt beneath covering the rest, together with the Exodar tabard, covering all this. Her leg-guard covering her legs entirely, together with her lower-leg guards, which covers everything, all the way down to her hoof. The leg-guards are forged to fit the Draenei female body, having a hole for her tail to poke through. Her gloves would be the only ‘real’ plate armour. Standard steal-gauntlets, polished to fit the theme of silver. She would be using either a crystal staff, or a light-weight staff, and a decorative shield.