Siurocko Evesbloom.Edit

==Early Life.

Knight Siurocko Evesbloom




Paladin, Blood Knight, Warrior.




Father: Ortheral Evesbloom. Mother: Eleri Evesbloom Lover: Mishu Elth'alare


Horde, Silvermoon Guard, Argent Crusade, Sundawn Consortium.


Ever since my early years as a child i dispised you, i never understood why, yet all these reasons soon came to light. You taught me of only pain, darkness, what it was to bend things to the way you wanted, everytime i failed i turned into your personal punching bag. Not once did you show me the kindness she did, no, instead you beat her to the ground, even laughed as she begged you to stop.Torture was the only game you knew, and you were like some sort of puppet master.

Every burn, every scar, every drop of blood that was spilt from her was like a tap slowly opening, the tap filled the pool of anger that burnt inside me, daring me to realese it, only held back by the person you hurt the most. My mother loved me, yet you consistantly beat her as if she was some slave to your whim, and for that i will never forgive you.

It is because of you that i stand where i am this day, a knight of the blinding light, a spark in the darkness that you created around our little family. Too long did you try to bend us to that of what you wanted us to be, you never wanted what was best for me, nor my brother, you saw us as mere tools. Even my brother you would attempt to harm, yet every time you wandered into that room, there i stood, protecting him, just the way you should have been. Betraying your own family to try and push yourself futher up the ladder to be known amung the council and the magisters. To carry your name is as much a curse as you are yourself, yet we soon changed that..

As my brother aged i taught him ways to sneek away from our "comforting" little home, we could no longer bare the weight of having to watch you do that to our mother, I am glad you had that succubus of a mistress around, at least that way you would no longer be able to beat any other offspring you planned on having.

You never saw the talents of your two sons, Vaerven who learnt to track down his foe and bring it to its knees without it even knowing he was there. And of course me, Siurocko, the warrior, the one who used the pool of anger to his advantage, it spurred me on to do things i should have never done, yet with each swing of my blade, with each drop of blood that landed upon my face i knew i was getting closer to redemption.

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