"You haven't faced true power, true cunning, true tenacity and endurance until you've faced the Sin'dorei. It's a shame you won't live to tell the tale."

Horde 32Varen'thas Sunraiser Varenimaj


Blood Elf


Spell Breaker




Scryers (former
The Farstriders




Sunraiser Family (deceased), Kreleindor Skystrider(cousin)


Alive and healthy

Varen'thas Sunraiser (alternatively just Varen) is a Sin'dorei warrior, belonging to the racially iconic order of the Spellbreakers. Once part of the wardens that guarded the sacred Sunwell, in the wake of the destruction Arthas and his Scourge left upon the lands of Quel'thalas, he joined Kael'thas Sunstrider and his followers to Outland in search for potent alternatives to sate the magical addiction of his people, thus sealing his fate as one of the first Spellbreakers known to the Sin'dorei.

By hobby, he researches magic in all of its shapes and forms. His ventures have taken him to various places, from Coldarra to the far reaches of Outland, studying each and every magical artifact, spell and ley line he could get his hands on. On a recent note, he has taken interest in aiding the organization known as the Reliquary in their ventures. Although by no means an explorer, Varen acts as an advisor, as well as a personal guard to Reliquary members.

Bio & DescriptionEdit

Varen'thas stands tall and proud, an exemplar of Blood Elf society. His demeanor is regal and intimidating due to his unnatural height and broad shoulder line. He is taller than most Sin'dorei and thus appears far more threatening, despite often being a laid back and relaxed person. His body is muscular from his training as a Farstrider. His features always clear and always collected, seem unmovable by any factor. His facade portrayed no emotion whatsoever and he always seems to have his thinking face on. His face was by no means youthful-looking, his aging skin taking its toll, but they are definitely ruggedly charismatic in their own right. Often, small bags are seen under his eyes, giving off signs of sleep deprivation. His hair, long and auburn, covers his shoulders, back and chest, well groomed and kept, the fringe slid to the side to prevent stray locks from obscuring his visage.

His actions seem carefully planned and choreographed, giving him a mature and responsible air. He is also known for his leadership skills, which has gained him the praise of the Silvermoon Council. Despite being a stern, demanding and highly capable soldier, he has shown a lot of tolerance and a warm attitude to his peers, being a social and approachable man.


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As far as interracial relations go, Varen has grown to accept and possibly even enjoy the Blood Elves' presence within the Horde. Well aware that his race's survival depends on its new allies, he has grown to accept the races of the Horde as potential assets. His hatred for the Alliance and its racial prejudice is quite open and emphasized, especially towards Humanity. Despite this, he does not bare any particular grudge towards Dwarves, Gnomes or the recently joined Gilnean Worgen, however he has deep running inherit spite for the Kaldorei and their new Highborne allies. Despite his dislike for the Alliance, he harbors deep respect and even deep down, maybe sympathy for the Draenei race, due to their mutual efforts against Kael'thas.

In the Horde, he finds himself most tolerant towards the peaceful Tauren, despite him not often participating in any affairs with him. The Forsaken have aided his people numerous times and he has aided theirs, creating a strong bond between him and their kind, yet he is highly suspicious of their Banshee Queen. He has no particular qualms with the Orcs or the Darkspear Trolls, the latter quickly becoming new potential allies to the Sin'dorei against the Amani, though he is highly dustrustful against the new Warchief, seeing him as a potential threat to drive the Horde apart.

He has a very open hatred towards the Kirin Tor and everything they stand for, due to being left for dead in their dungeons. To his dismay, he is often sent by the Magisters to aid the Sunreavers with his knowledge of magic. Recent events have drawn him to cooperation with the Kirin Tor and in turn has made him soften up to them, yet his hatred still remains to this day.


"You speak of betrayal? You, the one who deserted his own blood at the time of their greatest need? At least his betrayal wasn't brought upon cowardice. Stay your tongue and know your place, exile."

"The pleasant memories of the past are the ones hardest to remember."

"Help them? I'd rather bathe a murloc using nothing but my bare tongue. They are opportunists of the highest caliber. Words such as honor and valiance are foreign to them. The moment their agenda is a success, they will turn a blind eye to whatever pleas we have towards them. Just as they did before."

"Prepare to witness another reason why we're called Blood Elves, Troll."


  • He uses a large five-bladed throwing glaive that has the ability to fly a pre-set distance, before returning to its user, like the glaives Spellbreakers had in Warcraft III
  • He is an avid writer, having over fifty self-written books in his spire, albeit not publishing any of them
  • His ingame model is based off Lor'themar Theron's.